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Updating a split ms access database

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Newer versions of Access expose ' the Instr Rev() function to accomplish this, but Access 97 does not.When a version mismatch is found, the user is informed and given the opportunity to download the latest copy of the client.If not, then the process for downloading the latest client is initiated.It should be noted that the names and locations of all the files involved are rather important. (While this is on my C:\ drive, it would normally be placed on the network in a file share accessible to all.) For the sake of this article, I named the common network share "Resources." The sample code specifically looks for a folder with this name.This common network location is very important to the success of this solution, in as much as its a repository for the following: So, let's begin by creating the tables to hold version numbers.You will need one table in the data file on the server, named appropriately enough, tbl Version Server and another in the client named tbl Version Client.In order to allow time for the backup to be created, I place the file copy code in the form timer event.

Read write permissions have been set on the shares and both computers are E3 2013 setups.

My thanks to its author, whoever that may be.) I recently got involved in a project where they approach this problem from a different slant.

The developer created a batch file that copies the latest client from the server to a local folder on the user's machine.

In this example, (taken from the download code associated with the article), the client is version 2.0.6 while the server indicates that version 2.0.7 is available.

When the client application opens, the first order of business is to compare these two versions to see if it happens to be the latest.