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The safest way to prevent HIV or STIs, of course, is abstinence, which is no sex at all.

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But thats where the logic/looping abilities of LESS end.Sass has actual logical and looping operators in the language.Sass has some weirdness with scope in variables though. Rumor has it Sass 3.3 will have more features to make this even more useful, including a way to make extend work within media queries which is currently impossible in both LESS and Sass.If you overwrite a "global" variable "locally", the global variable takes on the local value. Winner: Sass For the most part, the math is similar, but there are some weirdnesses with how units are handled.

The fact that Sass is in Ruby and LESS is in Java Script is of little consequence to most potential users.

(Probably.) In Sass, you can use Compass, and Compass will keep itself updated, and thus the prefix situation is handled for you. There will be some back and forth on which of these project is "ahead." In LESS, there are also some mixin libraries battling to be the best.

They are looking a lot better these days than they have in the past.

If the text color is "pretty light" you'll probably want a dark background.

If it's "pretty dark" you'll want a light background.