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Updating esx 3i

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First, you need a good understanding of the differences between ESX and ESXi.The two hypervisors run the same VMkernel, but managing ESXi is different than management ESX.During the conversion process, all settings specific to a host are lost.

If you don't have spare hardware, you can run ESXi inside a virtual machine (VM) on an ESX host or with VMware Workstation.

As of the v Sphere 4.1 release, ESXi supports automated ESX host deployment via scripted installations.

Automated host deployment functionality is similar to ESX and involves PXE booting from a network interface card, loading the install image from a repository and running a Kick Start script to customize the installation.

You can also use scripted installs in conjunction with host profiles.

Once you've gotten experience with ESXi and are ready to upgrade existing ESX hosts to ESXi, there are a few approaches you can take.