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Updating file author attribute with vb

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Once I'd printed the documents, I wanted to rename them and set the custom properties such as Revision, drawer, designer etc. DSO File works by adding a reference to the DLL and creating a new DSOFile.

After much searching, I discovered what you need to get is "DSOFile" from Microsoft, it is intended for editing Microsoft Word document properties, but works on anything. Ole Document Properties Class, and then performing actions on that.

Given below is a list of possible attribute targets: Attribute Targets enumeration values can also be combined with a bitwise OR operation to get the preferred combination.

Given below is an example where the custom attribute can be applied either to a class or a method.

Typically, all mandatory parameters are positional and all optional parameters are named.

For example, consider an Attribute definition as shown below: Class Developer Info Attribute Inherits Attribute Private _Description As String Private _name As String Private _last Changed As String Public Read Only Property Notes() As String Get Return _Description End Get End Property Public Read Only Property Author() As String Get Return _name End Get End Property Public Property Last Changed() As String Get Return _last Changed End Get Set(By Val Value As String) _last Changed = Value End Set End Property Sub New(By Val author As String, By Val notes As String) _name = author _Description = notes End Sub End Class Here, note that Author and Notes are required parameters for the attribute whereas Last Changed is an optional parameter.

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Visual Studio Templates – Add New Item to project and How to modify the default new class template for C# in Visual Studio 2008 or 2010? If you are very new in this macro world, here is an good article which says How To Create and Run Macro in Visual Studio . What I did here is, I created small macro which will add the file header automatically with proper file name. Line Down(True, 2) Dim content As String = document.

Text = "// ------------------------------------------------------------------------" document. Hope This will help you and save your some amount of time !

New Line() End If End Sub End Module Macro Explorer. If you now click on Run, it will automatically add an document header with in the file with proper file name. This article may help you with some different problem as well.

The first for i = 0 to 34 loop should be for i = 0 to Integer.

From File Path(file Path); // Read and Write: string[] old Authors = file.