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Note: Unlike other folders in Dropbox, the ".dropbox.cache" folder should have a red X on it—this folder does not need to sync.If you've verified that antivirus or security software is not interfering with your sync process, move on to step 13.I´m developing an R package in RStudio and a set a local library to contain all my packages.After installing some updates in my Ubuntu system, it seems that my R Project have lost track of the local library and is unable to load the libraries that were associated with it.An advanced memory diagnostic tool is also integrated into the boot menu, which lets advanced users to change kernel parameters, drivers, and use the safe graphics mode in case their video card is not supported.This is the default edition and it runs the KDE desktop environment.PCLOS 9 TIPS - THE ISOs On there are 2 different PCLos 9 ISOs available: pclinuxos-p9pclinuxos-p9The pclinuxos-p9is the "normal" edition The pclinuxos-p9is the "alternative"edition . Can be added to command line if needed by typing livecd noapic nolapic * Added nforce kernel sound driver (nvsound) * Added madwifi kernel drivers * Added firmware for Gigafast WF741-UIC USB WLan * Added kdenlive video editor * Did apt-get update and installed all updated rpms.

8250_pci 8250 epca esp isicom istallion moxa mxser stallion sx synclink synclinkmp Open teminal konsole, type su and enter root password, type kwrite /etc/modprobe.preload, remove the above then save the file.

Fix: If the Desktop icon is grey, then you are not currently connected to the internet.

If you've verified that Dropbox is installed on all of your devices, and that you're online, move on to step 2.

If you've verified that both your device and your Dropbox account have enough available space, move on to step 10.

Fix: Add the Dropbox cache folder to an ignore list on your security/antivirus software. Once synced, you should no longer see these warnings or quarantine messages.