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Updating formica

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I wasn’t trying to hard to make things perfect or protect anything except the floors or appliances.

I got too close to the stove only once, and found that if I wiped it up quickly enough, a damp paper towel took care of it fairly well. I kept the windows open all night despite the dip in temperatures just so the fumes wouldn’t be hanging out in the house while I got ready for work the next day. This was taken at night just before I went to bed, so I’ll try later this week to give you a better “after” shot so you can see the color and finish a little better.

See how the front ‘Ogee’ edge looks like stone, but the side looks ‘Oh gee, just like laminate!

’Now here’s how you avoid that look…and yes, it will make your high-end laminate look quite a bit like quartz/granite, but it still won’t save you money or any crumb wiping.

When you wipe the counter, the shrapnel falls onto that 2nd ledge (or your floor if you get a good run at it) and you have to wipe that as well.2. Unless you specify your corners you will get a flat edge on one side which kills the whole idea of it .

While you risk this with any laminate product, it’s much more pronounced with the Ogee profile.

Locally, we have a grouping called ‘The Top 66’ which has some gorgeous high-end laminate selections (listed below).

You can also save money by removing your own appliances and unhooking your plumbing (sans plumber butt). days that it takes to cure, the paint will stick quite well and wear nicely over the next year or so (before we replace them with an upgraded material).I did notice that there were certain areas where the paint appeared to bubble a little, but I think that’s probably my fault for not waiting until the temps got a little higher before trying this out.It also has a few wee flecks of orange and an almost there (but not really) greenish undertone.Crème Quartstone by Formica (here)(and seriously, who names these?‘I think I shall dub thee – Harold’.)I just finished a new home/subdivision where we used good old Harold (shown below) and he’s had rave reviews!