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Updating linked database c

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To sum up, you'll basically need at least the following software.

It is not absolute necessary to use an IDE, but it is convenient to use one.

The application processing can imagined as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1: Transaction Processing System Make sure the following configurations are set in the using std::string; Bank Account:: Bank Account(int accno, string fname, string lname, double bal) void Bank Account::set Account Number(int accno) void Bank Account::set Last Name(string lname) void Bank Account::set First Name(string fname) void Bank Account::set Balance(double bal) int Bank Account::get Account Number() const string Bank Account::get First Name() const string Bank Account::get Last Name() const double Bank Account::get Balance() const Bank Account::~Bank Account() #include "Bank Transaction.h" #include "Bank Account.h" Bank Transaction:: Bank Transaction(const string HOST, const string USER, const string PASSWORD, const string DATABASE) Bank Transaction::~Bank Transaction() Bank Account* Bank Transaction::get Account(int acno) void Bank Transaction::withdraw(int acno, double amount) void Bank Transaction::deposit(int acno, double amount) void Bank Transaction::create Account(Bank Account* ba) void Bank Transaction::close Account(int acno) void Bank Transaction::message(string msg) void Bank Transaction::print All Accounts() Listing 5: Figure 3: The completed project Many of the checks and validation are unimplemented to keep things as simple as possible.

I am designing a software application wriiten in C/C and would like to have an Oracle database in the background storing all old and newly processed data.You can find many resources on Oracle's Technet site.You'll need to register for an account, but it is free.Also, it creates the This is a very simple and rudimentary implementation of a transaction processing system.The code could have been written in a C style (without classes) because the My SQL API functions calls are in C format.For instance, Perl programs will use the Oracle DBI module.