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Updating nrpt direct access settings error

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The goal of Direct Access is to extend your corporate network's reach to any Direct Access client computer that's connected to the Internet.A Direct Access computer is a domain member, a managed computer that is subject to the same change management and control mechanisms as computers that never leave the physical boundaries of the corporate network.

After the user logs on, a second tunnel, called the "intranet tunnel," enables users to connect to corporate resources in the same way an intranet host connects to those resources.The Direct Access server will then forward these connections to IPv6-enabled hosts on the corpnet.The corpnet can use native IPv6 infrastructure (where the routers, switches, operating systems, and applications are all IPv6 capable) or it can use IPv6 transition technologies to connect to IPv6 resources on the corpnet.If the client application is not IPv6 aware (for example, the current OCS client), the connection will fail.This is true even if you use an IPv6 to IPv4 translator, which enables Direct Access clients to connect to IPv4 servers on the corpnet.In addition to extending IT's control over all managed computers, regardless of location, Direct Access provides a seamless network access experience for users.