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Then you hit this line, "Saki Inafune, niece to legendary game developer Keiji Inafune, cant wait to visit her uncles new theme park." Wait, hold on, hold the phone, is this Mega-Man-and-Resident-Evil Keiji Inafune? Bomb defusing-antics are what await as you travel the park searching for your uncle and trying to rescue the other captured attendants.

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The weekly development blog updates which discussed specific features each week can be found on the Gaslamp Games weblog or you can sign up for the mailing list for updates. And in doing that, we know the full scope of what we're dealing with in terms of game systems, which makes balancing for the release a viable goal - so much of that was done. Aside from many important fixes, one of the more interesting systems given some attention with colonists is traits.Basically we went over the list and made sure they were doing something interesting - and (though this is covered in the UI section) traits were given more prominent UI pressence so that their gameplay effects get a unique string and are displayed in an attention-grabbing colour.And then largely what we did was make Steam Knights play nicely with the colony due to adding the ability to construct them. Most of this non-character stuff is about creating scaling difficulty as players advanced through the biomes, from Temperate to Desert/Tropical and finally to Cold (which is the most difficult).I don't want to talk about specific details too much here because a lot of the Fun is in discovering the new challenges, but suffice to say that advanced biomes are more dangerous and contain more - and more dangerous - enemies.We nearly doubled the number of discoveries and locked a lot of advanced modules and powerups behind tiered research.(Side-note: doubling discovered count required the Laboratory UI itself receive an optimization pass!

Especially for Clockwork Empires, because the whole concept of Overseers' relationship with assignments and Labourers is a bit of an unknown to new players.So this, along with creating a floating 2D "assignment beacon" when survey jobs are ordered, has improved the matter a great deal. As you can imagine, this created a ton of good suggestions for explaining to new players via UI what things do, what you need to do when things aren't available, why things don't work when one thinks they should work, and so on.(Creating an entirely new map mode just for ore veins, or some unique and complex UI interaction scheme was off the table due to low reward vs. There are a million little awkward UI situations that are ever so slightly annoying but simple enough to work around, and once you're accustomed to working around them you never even think about them again.This document involved consideration of the work that goes into completing the game, not just the player-facing game experience.This necessarily results in a high-level perspective on development. Not that it's The End, of course - surely there'll be bugs to fix and some Fun to add to the game. And in making it we've had to polish up a lot of rough bits - but knowing a hard deadline is approaching also helps clarify what is important and what is not.I suppose the matter of game difficulty has been covered in that section, hasn't it.