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Obviously, and much to my distress, this is the exact opposite of what happens in the land of the femme fatale.
Biderman responded by stating that the site is "just a platform" and a website or a commercial will not convince anyone to commit adultery.

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Software Fixes Hardware Fixes Community Q&A There are many reasons why Internet connections seem to slow down over time.Read these steps to learn how to fix common issues and take steps to make your Internet connection faster.With the new rapid-release system, you will stay on that channel, thus receive a "bump" to the next version when the repositories are migrated.On the aurora and beta channels, this also implies that a lot of patches are landing at that time (including API and string changes) to synchronize the repositories with the new versions they are carrying.Software Update requires a secure connection so, if you are also receiving errors on webmail login pages, bank sites or other secure (https) sites (e.g. see Error loading secure sites. If Software Update errors persist, you can download the latest version of Firefox or Thunderbird from install it "on top of" your current version, instead of using the Software Update feature.

See Profile_backup for information to safeguard your data, and see the daily builds threads at the Mozillazine forums for the current status of the builds: Firefox, Thunderbird.

Either install the Update Channel Changer, or open Only the // on the first line is important because it is a comment.

If the value in about:config has still not changed, then right click and reset the preference - this removes the profile value that is masking the application one. This is no longer the case and in fact now that preference is almost ignored.

Also try closing any other running programs that may be interfering with the update process, such as the applications listed below.

Some users may see a "Software Update Failed" dialog after restarting Firefox with the message, The update could not be installed.