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To use the Fields dialog box, click the Edit Fields link from the Details View's smart tag.

Add the two Bound Fields and Check Box Field and set their properties from the list on the right. When a user visits this page and enters the name, price, and discontinued status of a product and clicks Insert, a postback occurs.

These controls allow page developers to declaratively access and modify data without writing any code to perform the data access. These controls allow for a declarative approach to working with data, without needing to write any cumbersome data access code.Add Product And Return New Product IDValue ( @Product Name nvarchar(40), @Category ID int, @Unit Price money, @Discontinued bit, ) AS -- Insert the record into the database INSERT INTO Products(Product Name, Category ID, Unit Price, Discontinued) VALUES (@Product Name, @Category ID, @Unit Price, @Discontinued) -- Read the just-inserted Product ID into @New Product ID SET @New Product ID = SCOPE_IDENTITY() Protected Sub Add Product Data Source_Inserted(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System. In future installments of this article series we will take a similar in-depth look at updating and deleting. This article is one in a series of articles on ASP. For more information on the Details View control, see "Enhancing the ASP. I want to do an Insert/Cancel operation using a Details View control on a Web page.In this article we will focus on using the Sql Data Source control to insert records into a database.We will look at three examples: using a Sql Data Source to insert a record using values entered by the user through various Text Boxes, Drop Down Lists, and other Web controls on an ASP. This article focuses on the Sql Data Source control; for a detailed look at inserting with the Object Data Source, refer to the "Editing, Inserting, and Deleting" tutorials in my Working with Data in ASP. Let's explore the inserting "action" for the Access Data Source and Sql Data Source controls in more detail., so no data will be displayed in the Details View.