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Updating wordpress version

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It’s very important to keep any major changes to your site’s structure under control and always have the most recent image of the site backed up.If you’re using Jetpack for backups, for example, you get a 30-day archive of all your backups, so reverting back to a previous one will not be a problem if anything should go wrong.Check our update your PHP version KB article if your host is listed.If you can't find one or your host doesn't have one, you can use this letter to send to your host.

The single most important reason for us to want to increase the minimum PHP requirement is security: PHP versions 5.2 through to 5.5, while still actively in use on millions of sites, no longer get security updates.Which is: At this point, your site is using the latest Word Press version!Since you disabled the caching mechanism before the upgrade, it’s time to reactivate it.Whether it’s completely new stuff, or just making the old stuff work better, those updates bring a lot of improvements. Technology evolves so fast that it’s hard to keep up … And some modern plugins require you to be on the newest version of the Word Press core in order to use them.They will not only ease your work as a website owner, but will also improve your visitors’ experience. Each new release comes with optimizations geared at making your website faster. Okay, updating your site is easy, it takes 5 or 10 minutes tops.Now your site is updated, but it’s a good idea to browse around and make sure that things are in order.