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Validating dates in excel

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However it is possible to create your own messages.

You can create your own input message (message that appears when a user selects a cell for data entry), and error alert (message that appears when a user enters invalid data.

Unfortunately, when they try to analyze it with Pivot Tables, they soon discover that humans are very creative spellers.

One hospital system spelled "Medicare" in various acronyms: MDCR, Medcr, Medicr, etc.

This will prevent spelling mistakes, typos and usually speed up data entry. Now when the user clicks on a cell to enter data, the list of entries will appear.

If the user types an entry into a validated cell that does not match an entry in the list, the Data Validation error message appears Excel messages are not known for their user friendly, easy to understand explanations, and this message is no different.

This makes it difficult to do any data analysis or mining without a lot of cleanup.

The name of this feature in MS Excel is Data Validation.

There are two other tabs on the Data Validation Menu: Input Message and Error Alert.

If you want to prompt people every time they enter data into a cell, Input Message can help them format it correctly: This can be a little intrusive after people learn how to use the data sheet.

Or specify an error message that only appears when users enter an invalid value: If a user tries to enter four hours and thirty minutes as , they will get this error message: Gathering consistent, error-free data is one of the keys to process improvement.

To create powerful Excel-based tools and improvement stories without a lot of data cleanup, you will need data entered in a consistent way.