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Validating form input

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Tutorial requirements Getting started with the tutorial There are all sorts of download options for React, but we’re just going to use React from a CDN.

React is available from more than one CDN, but here are the most popular links: The babel-core js file allows us to use JSX, which will greatly simplify our code.

Let’s take a look: We save one piece of information (the contributor) for passing to the parent and saving on the server, just as an example.

The handle Submit method shows how you would pass the variable to the parent element when the form is submitted.

This does not mean React can be used to make a form secure.

Hackers can bypass your React form altogether, passing variables directly to the server.

What we want to focus on, though, is the validation functions and component calls.

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In this case, we use it with the second Text Input component and return true, because we need the validate prop function to exist, but we don’t actually want to validate the second field.

The component itself doesn’t care what type of validation is going on.

It simply calls validate, and the parent component takes care of which validation function is being called.

We don’t actually make much use of it in the code, other than an example submission function.

Lastly, we include the Classnames library, which is a teeny file that makes combining class names easier.