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If I replace the RB751 with another access-point, (I tried with DLINK and NETGEAR, 802.11n), all clients work as expected. Sometimes you can make them work by disabling chain 1.The 751's would be great if they worked, but we have about a 75-80% deaf rate out of the box.

They are all configured as an access-point (802.11 b/g/n), and I get a lot of disconnections and very poor performances (high latency, variable between ms, 100kbit/s throughput).

I already tried different ROS versions (5.6, 5.7, 5.9 and 5.14). Do you use indoor built-in antennas or you connect external antenna connected to the external connector? You have to clearify better what your network setup is. I have some knowledge on wireless devices, and these aren't my first mikrotik AP I am using.

What wireless devices you use to test that performance? You talk about these 3 devices setup as access points and that there is no interference. But then you talk about the fact that they connect well to other access points. The configuration is simple: bridge between ethernet and wireless, no routing, no nat...

/interface wireless print 0 R name="wlan1" mtu=1500 mac-address=00:0C:42: XX: XX: XX arp=enabled interface-type=Atheros 11N mode=ap-bridge ssid="wlan" frequency=2457 band=2ghz-b/g/n channel-width=20/40mhz-ht-above scan-list=default wireless-protocol=802.11 antenna-mode=rxa-txb wds-mode=disabled wds-default-bridge=none wds-ignore-ssid=no bridge-mode=enabled default-authentication=yes default-forwarding=yes default-ap-tx-limit=0 default-client-tx-limit=0 hide-ssid=no security-profile=default compression=no I have just tested on the same frequency with the same hosts on a tplink 1043nd and the throughput was a pretty consistent ~100mbps with 1-3ms latency for 10 minutes.

This unit was half the price of the 751u and has gig interfaces I may have to just use that instead and shelf the 751uwell the device i would never recomend for its wifi.