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The bar is lightest when your leverage is at its weakest, and the bar gradually increases in weight as leverage improves. You are getting ready to bench with 200 pounds on the bar. As you bring the weight down to your chest, the bar gets lighter because more of the chains are lying on the ground.So when the bar is at your chest, you bring the weight down to the 200 pounds that you started with.NIFS has recently updated the weight room, including seven new half racks.

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Chains—they're used to tow boats, lift steel beams, and pull trailers. In the world of strength and conditioning, chains have a totally different function.

In order to do this, your exercise program must include training with heavy loads and training at high velocities.

Over the past ten years, a style of resistance has been developed that simultaneously improves both aspects of training.

As you press the weight up, more of the chains come off the floor, gradually increasing the bar total back to the 230 pounds at the top.

This idea forces you to drive the bar out into full extension without letting up.