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While they were performing this task, they were given supreme political power (imperium), whereas the power of the magistrates was restricted.
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“They may have had to walk hundreds of miles and perhaps longer and had to leave anything they couldn’t carry,” he said. “The volume of footwear has presented some challenges for our lab but with the help of dedicated volunteers we have created a specific space for the shoe conservation and the process is now well underway,” explained trust curator Barbara Birley.

Vindolanda: The writing tablets consisted of flat shallow containers filled with black coloured wax and were inscribed an iron tipped stylus.

The earliest preserved Roman footwear found so far was made in the 4th century BCE, although it is still unknown where the technology originated.

In addition, the Romans innovated a variety of distinctive shoe styles, the most obvious of which are hobnailed shoes and sandals.

Archaeological studies indicate that the Romans brought the shoe-making technology of vegetal tanning to Northwestern Europe.One of the hills above, Barcombe Hill, still bears evidence of stone quarrying for the Roman fort's construction 2000 years ago.Vindolanda had very good water supplies from wells and water tanks supplied by springs and streams.The spread of vegetable tanning technology was almost certainly an outgrowth of the imperial Roman army and its supply requirements.Most of the earliest preserved shoes have been found in early Roman military establishments in Europe and Egypt.Above is a stone slab water tank system and the water was channelled to the fort and civilian buildings in aqueducts or timber pipes (no lead pipes? Vindolanda: The base of the walls and the hypocausts?