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On the flip side, most single moms are done having children so that makes dating them a lot easier for a guy like me.

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They seemed to have agreed in advance to a competition for who could wear the shortest dress!My wife Melanie, who has the longest, most elegant legs I have ever seen on a woman, was wearing a simple, sleeveless, scarlet silk sheath that clung to every curve of her excellent body and just barely reached below her panties.Both her parents are Greek and she has inherited their black curly hair, which she wears in a tumbled mass of waves and ringlets that reach to mid-back, and their olive complexion.Her eyes are remarkable; huge, limpid and a shade of violet that I have never seen before; when you look into them you immediately think of beds.The outfit was completed by white leather dress pumps with four-inch stiletto heels.Watching her walk away after I handed her a glass of white wine was a real pleasure.

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She and Pete were married five years ago and are very happy together.

The hemline of the dress reached to maybe half an inch below her crotch, but it was split on both side to above her hips, making it entirely obvious that she was wearing no underwear whatsoever.

Seven-inch gold stiletto-heeled sandals pushed her height to six foot two inches, and she looked all tits and legs as she walked.

Her mass of wavy, dark-brown hair was piled on top of her head, to prevent it from obscuring her back.

She was wearing a gold silk dress with no back, a halter neck and a crossover bodice that crossed at her waist, with the crossover material cut so narrow that there was a two-inch strip of silk over the nipple of each breast, leaving the entire bulk of her 38DD tits exposed to view.