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The unique thing about Huggle is that you pick (initially five of) your favourite places – be they shops, restaurants or parks – and then find people who go there too.

Webcam ithout registration

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Whats the best way to grant access to the webcam without using sudo?

(sudo messes with my env, etc) Should I add myself to the video group?

"We are going to change the way people use the webcam," Razer's Jun Shen Chia told me. The Razer Stargazer is an upcoming 9 Windows 10 webcam from Razer, and it does many things better than its competition.

"This webcam sets a new benchmark for frame rate capture in streaming: 720p at 60 frames per second as opposed to the 30 frames per second found in traditional webcams," the press release states.

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Although hackers are largely to blame, they’re not the only culprits here.

First off ensure all of your camera-equipped devices have decent anti-virus installed, this includes computers, tablets and smartphones.

This should catch damaging emails and attachments before they cause trouble.

Perhaps Super User or Unix & Linux Stack Exchange would be a better place to ask.

If you do not have a webcam, you can certainly use any other computer to verify.