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A graphic designer with 11 years of sobriety and a Bettie Page look, she struggles with what she calls her “Alanon issues.” “It’s hard,” she says, “because I feel like I know what he’s supposed to be doing and that’s when I find myself analyzing whether he’s doing it or not.” Dr.Deborah Sweet is a psychologist who treats addiction and trauma.We have to think the comment through all the way to its consequences, just as we would play the tape on having a drink or taking a drug.”According to a Hazelden article on relationships in recovery, there are some solid steps that sober alcoholics can take to have better partnerships: “Get on the same ship by sitting down and having a conversation about your vision for your relationship. One of the biggest benefits of being in a relationship with another recovering alcoholic is that they can find support within their fellowship groups or by turning to a Higher Power.

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“I just have to remind myself that I am not the Grand Designer of this world; if I was, I would stop famine in Africa, end all war, and make my boyfriend hang up his clothes every night.

“To me, keeping my program and my partner’s program separate is the most important thing.”Relapse is, of course, an all too real concern.

“If both people are in recovery, there is always the possibility that a partner could relapse,” says Dr. “Each couple needs to decide how they’re going to handle that.

But not all sober relationships are of the shotgun nature; for many who find love on the AA campus, sober relationships can mirror the rest of world—meaning they’re hard, scary, and (usually) worth the effort.

Bryan is a recovered insurance agent from Houston who, at 42, is 10 years sober and recently married to a woman he met in AA.