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Who is alyonka larionov dating

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She seems to be getting more airtime and that is only helping her case for this type of rating. 3 Evanka Osmak- Sports Net Evanka has come a long way from her start and has become a solid sportscaster in her own right.She has dropped a bit but it was nothing that she did. 2 Renee Paquette- The Score This was a tough one as her body of work is still a little raw but natural ability has vaulted her into a silver medal.Pretty much everything on her profile on The Score website impresses me as well.I too agree that even though Jim Thome is a sure bet Hall of Famer he is still under rated and he was the first baseball player to send back an autographed card that I sent him 7 Holly Horton - TSN I still concider Holly as the dark horse in my list.This is a very subjective list as there is no specific criteria for the ranking system. Superficial, absolutely, but they are on TV, a visual medium so that counts for a lot.Also there is little worse then a badly called sports highlight (And...5 Jennifer Hedger - TSN Jennifer was off for a bit so that didn`t help her.

And right off the bat we have a tie for 10th - I didn't want to have to do this but I could not justify leaving either of these ladies off. 10 Alyonka Larionov - TSN Alyonka is only on every now and again for special coverage and very less important features.

4 Natasha Staniszewski- TSN Natasha is the newbie but had cracked the top 5 earlier then I would have thought.

She is a very beautiful lady but also does a good job calling whatever sports highlights she is given.

She is not a regular and is probably not as polished and will not be seen on the 11pm Sports Center anytime soon.

The Daughter of former KLM line member and Red Wing Igor Larionov may not be at the level of an anchor person but it would be wrong to not allow her onto this list.