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They now adorn the cover of Yes Mag’s special edition.
C’est […] Ce jeune couple de chinois est vraiment chaud en ce week-end grisâtre !

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In 1721 it passed to the Casnedis, then to the Sagredo in Venice.

In 1763 it was acquired by Robert Udny, brother of the English ambassador to Venice.

The subject of the cartoon is a combination of two themes popular in Florentine painting of the 15th century: The Virgin and Child with John the Baptist and The Virgin and Child with St Anne.

The drawing is notable for its complex composition, demonstrating the alternation in the positioning of figures that is first apparent in Leonardo's paintings in the Benois Madonna.

It currently hangs in the National Gallery in London.

The delineation between the upper bodies has lost clarity, suggesting that the heads are part of the same body.While this date has gained wide acceptance, the association with Louis XII has not.More recent historians have dated the work as early as the mid 1490s and, in the case of Carlo Pedretti and Kenneth Clark, as late as 1508–10.Anne in the Louvre, in which the figure of the Baptist is not present.A painting based on the cartoon was made by a pupil of Leonardo, Bernardino Luini, and is now in the Biblioteca Ambrosiana, Milan.The lighting indicates that there are two protagonists, and two supporting cast in the scene that the viewer is witnessing.