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Spiral curls are best created on hair that is shoulder length or slightly longer and cut with lots of layers in varying lengths.

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lf being ugly were a crime, I'd have to arrest half the people in this city. And when Penelope mentioned the curse I thought that was just a figure of speech, yeah. So, either you print a retraction or so help me god I am going to rip your guts out. I'm telling you she had a piggy snout on her face and I'm not mad.

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I always said we should make them sign the gag before they see her. But the carotid artery appears to run directly through the nose. My mother meant well She always meant well And always did what she thought best to protect me. For starters along with my birth came the knowledge of Aunt Ella's affair. I had been reminded over the years that I was not the only victim of the curse. She scattered about animal guts and commanded that the next Wilhern daughter be born with the face of a pig.