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This kind of relationship offers a beauty with brains package, i.e. There are a few women, who not only pamper younger men with lots of love and attention, but also shower them with expensive gifts and luxuries.

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Please don’t stick to the old-fashioned idea that men should always make the first move.If you like a Japanese guy, you should at least give him an obvious hint (e.g. And hopefully, he’s going to notice your feelings and ask you out if he’s also interested in you.This is the most common complaint I hear from foreign women when they’re dating a Japanese man.In many Western countries, the majority of men show their affection directly through words and action (hugging, kissing) – even in public.Growing up in Japan, I thought it’s completely normal to work all day long with lots of overtime.What makes me sad is that it’s not because we’re workaholics or passionate about our jobs, but because work in Japan is extremely inefficient.

In our culture, we heavily rely on non-verbal communication.

Meetings are too long, too frequent and energy is being wasted on redundant, often unnecessary tasks.

If it weren’t for those things, we could actually go home much earlier!

You’ll keep asking yourself : “Does this guy really like me?

” Many Western men are quite outgoing and communicative, while many Japanese men don’t talk much in general, let alone in a relationship.