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Kristen: With the internet, you have the luxury of time. You have plenty of time to say what you want to say, whereas you meet someone, you’re just talking. Julie: I read a theory that text messaging, and this instant communication between strangers, is actually making dating harder. Julie: There’s this phenomenon where you’ll text – and I’m sure we’ve all experieced this – where you’ll text back and forth a million times and think we really have a connection, when are we going out? We’re actually in a way starting back at square one. Aleishia: I’m not going to dumb myself down, but if you’re going to offer to start my car for me because it’s cold, I’m not going to say no.

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En route to work, he'll listen to Coldplay or Beyoncé or "let the i Heart Radio app build playlists for me." In a multiplatform era, Duran has constantly expanded his media presence.

He hosts podcasts, a blog, video clips and the Elvis Duran's Artist of the Month segment on NBC's Today.

[Poleman is now president of national programming platforms for i Heart Media.]Why are artists so comfortable on Elvis Duran and the Morning Show?

It's pretty simple: Artists love to talk about the passion they have within them that makes this music come out.

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New artists are proving deep and innovative, which is why I love to introduce them to our listeners. It's not really a "clock in/clock out" workday for me.

The rule of thumb is -- and I got this from my mother -- whatever crawls across the front yard, we'll pick it up and cook it for dinner.

"With Brian Blade’s Fellowship Band, which has been together in one form or another for 20 years, the jazz combo becomes a kind of traveling backyard communion.

Through his Today appearances, his presence at major televised music events and the video feeds of his radio show, fans in 2015 discovered that Duran, while broadening the scope of his audience, dramatically decreased his own physical size.

In December 2014 he underwent gastric sleeve surgery, which enabled him to lose 105 pounds in eight months, slimming down from 265 to 160 pounds.