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Who is ginger spice dating

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Sven Yarg's answer shows that some people considered light yellow hair to be ginger coloured in the second half of the 19th century.He has found the following definitions in Google books— From 1860: We have this book from Philadelphia, 1818, which says "Great care must be taken in selecting ginger for these purposes, not to have any of what is called the black sort ...I would be interested to trace the usage history of ginger in that sense.Your links don't justify saying that Ginger and Redhead are different: in fact, the Wikipedia reference says: "(colloquial, countable) A person with reddish-brown hair; a redhead." I don't know that there is really a fixed, specific difference since as @kleingordon says, the term ginger is applied to redheads very often.A Google Books search for that title returns matches for four copies of this dictionary, but none of them are readable online, and Open Library reports that there is "No readable version available." Evidently, OED's entry for ginger cites Huloet's 1552 sentence, but not to Elyot's 1538 [email protected] A: Actually, one of the Google Books editions of Abecedarium Anglico-Latinum is searchable (in snippet-view format), but it appears that GB's OCR can't make sense of the old-style font that the book is set in and as a result can't find the cited [email protected] A: Wiktionary reports that melinus means (in Latin) "of or pertaining to honey." This leads me to wonder whether Elyot didn't mean that melinus may refer to a color that may be white, russet, or "gynger coloure," but then Huloet mangled Elyot's meaning by rendering it as "Gynger coloure, after a whyte russet"—in effect identifying "ginger-coloure" as being equivalent to "whyte russet" rather than as being a third color in parallel to white and russet.Could the origin of ginger as "pale red" be based on a misreading of Elyot by Huloet?

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There is certainly a tendency, though, to see the term applied to people with hair that is any shade of red, including bright red.

I would be interested to trace the usage history of how the word ginger has been applied in that more broad sense.

Recall that "ginger" is the whole plant; although we call the spice "ginger" commonly now, it's really the gingerroot we use and that we see in daily life.

So unlike most of the ginger we see in the supermarket today, much of the ginger in Philadelphia in 1818 may have reddish-yellow inside.

It is quite possible this was the original color described by "ginger hair".