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He's beautiful, he can act, he seems like he has a great personality and did we mention he's a heartthrob?The singer is only 19 years old, so this news came as a shock to a lot of fans. Nickelodeon star Jamie Lynn Spears had her daughter Maddie Briann in 2008 and two years later split with her boyfriend Casey Aldridge.Obviously Britney had been doing it, but I hadn't yet found a way to express myself as an artist.[My manager] said, "Why don't you come to Nashville? Since the day I saw him, I just wanted to marry him and be with him forever and ever. And I was on a Nickelodeon show, and it [felt] especially embarrassing to ask someone to put me on birth control.I did feel responsible for the young girls and the mothers who I probably confused and let down. But I wasn't trying to glamorize teen pregnancy. To have the world come down on a situation that was already affecting my family hugely was hard.It takes bravery to be a young mom, and it does take bravery to let the world watch.I've been on dates here and there, going to dinner or a movie, but nothing further than that. I have a little girl, and until I'm serious about someone, he's not going to be around her. I want the kids to come home and be dirty and make the house messy.

Life as Maddie's mom Was it hurtful for my parents to read stuff about their daughters? Obviously seeing [sister Britney Spears' negative tabloid coverage], I knew how far it could go.

" So I started writing and performing songs, and people said, "These are really good." I've been learning from the best musicians. I'm more honest in my lyrics than I am in anything else.

It's where I feel the most safe to express myself.

Since then Jamie has found love again, started singing and is...

Whenever we see celebrity wedding photos, we can't help but wish that we were actually there.