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The total energy that the sun has radiated away over its lifetime is approximately the product of the current rate at which energy is being emitted, which is called the solar luminosity, times the age of the sun.

The older the sun is, the greater the total amount of radiated solar energy.

(2) The chemical theory is quite insufficient, because the most energetic chemical action we know, taking place between substances amounting to the whole sun's mass, would only generate about 3,000 years' heat.

(3) There is no difficulty in accounting for 20,000,000 years' heat by the meteoric theory.

Thus the age of the sun, and the origin of solar energy, were important questions not only for physics and astronomy, but also for geology and biology.

Darwin was so shaken by the power of Kelvin's analysis and by the authority of his theoretical expertise that in the last editions of On The Origin of the Species he eliminated all mention of specific time scales.

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In the section just before the summary, we shall discuss how experiments that were designed to test the theory of nuclear energy generation in stars revealed a new mystery, the Mystery of the Missing Neutrinos. The rate at which the sun is radiating energy is easily computed by using the measured rate at which energy reaches the earth's surface and the distance between the earth and the sun.

Kelvin was forced by astronomical evidence to modify his hypothesis and he then argued that the primary source of the energy available to the sun was the gravitational energy of the primordial meteors from which it was formed.

Thus, with great authority and eloquence Lord Kelvin declared in 1862: That some form of the meteoric theory is certainly the true and complete explanation of solar heat can scarcely be doubted, when the following reasons are considered: (1) No other natural explanation, except by chemical action, can be conceived.

The greater the radiated energy, or the larger the age of the sun, the more difficult it is to find an explanation of the source of solar energy.

To better appreciate how difficult it is to find an explanation, let us consider a specific illustration of the enormous rate at which the sun radiates energy.