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Who is kat stacks dating

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When you love somebody you don’t argue; you’re gonna have arguments. As for Kat’s cocaine allegations against Soulja Boy, the rapper maintained his innocence and looked at the rumors as a positive. Say whatever you want to say, because I know what’s true. “I ain’t never did coke a day in my life,” he added. I sold 22 off ‘Crank Dat,’ 10 million off ‘Turn My Swag On,’ 10 million off ‘Kiss Me Thru The Phone.’ Three years later I’m chillin, and they hating me. Now that Hip Hop’s most infamous groupie since Karrine “Superhead” Steffans faces deportation back to her native Venezuela, Soulja Boy has some interesting thoughts. I love her.” The allegations led to a short-lived feud with Fabolous, which has since ended.“It’s sad that she’s getting deported,” Soulja Boy told Angie Ang of Washington D. “They taking my baby away…don’t want me to see her no more. Meanwhile, Kat Stacks was reportedly arrested in Nashville, Tennessee for immigration-related issues. The insider confirmed that Kat Stacks is in fact Q’s girlfriend.It was Q who met Kat Stacks outside the prison walls with a 1st class plane ticket in hand.This lil d*** n**** Lil Twist blew up my phone yesterday to go see him, he knew I didn’t have a ride so he payed for my taxi. ” Peep the video below, where she speaks on giving Bow Wow oral sex just three weeks after she gave birth and much more.We chilled, drank and f***** (which I faked every moan). She sounds disgusted, bitter and out to get these men.

As soon as the temporary visa expired an undocumented existence began.

Over the last few weeks, there were rumblings about the possibility of Chris Paul potentially leaving the Los Angeles Clippers to join the Houston Rockets in free agency.

It’s been 48 hours since Internet video sensation Kat Stacks walked out of a federal prison, after being detained for 2 years on immigration charges.

Kat Stacks used the social networking site to meet and hook up with celebrities like Lil Wayne, Nelly, Bow Wow, Lil Twist and more.

She then proceeded to make intimate and embarrassing details about these guys very public, via screen shots of Twitter conversations, text messages, etc. “I’m wasn’t gonna expose nobody but I’m sick of Celebrities treating b***** like s*** !!