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After starting, I founded a couple of more businesses and over time we ended up as a group of businesses called The People Group. One is which is matrimonial, of course, and the other is online real estate, which in Indian means home.

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[youtube id=”Cw Uqra04Ww4″ width=”620″ height=”360″] [youtube id=”xc9rj UAFqxo” width=”620″ height=”360″] [youtube id=”Q3HOEl_4rv U” width=”620″ height=”360″] Take a listen to Gabi’s new single “Something to Prove” below!

Fans and friends are coming together online to share their favorite Prodigy stories in the aftermath of his passing earlier this week.

I told Nyce about Lindsay's invitation and asked him to come along. Lindsay introduced me to her a.ssistant; we poured drinks and started dancing while Nyce danced with one of the mysterious masked ladies. I thanked him for the bottle- he saved us from looking stupid- and we walked back to VIP...

Eleven pm rolled around and we hopped in my bulletproof Suburban and stopped at the gas station to get gas plus some bread from the ATM. Sometimes the money transfers don't go through until the next day. We were going to an exclusive Manhattan club with thirty bucks to hang out with some million-dollar white chicks. There were two black bouncers at the door who I figured might recognize me . Another masked lady got behind Nyce and had him in the sandwich- he looked over at me with a kool aid smile. The ladies poured shots of Hennessey and Nyce started dancing with the same masked female.

The Bay Area native also spoke about meeting her mentor Alicia Keys and cooking Filipino food.

The exact cause of death was not clear, the representative said.

Clark County Coroner John Fudenberg told The Associated Press in Las Vegas that it could take up to six weeks to determine a cause of death. Officer Laura Meltzer said Las Vegas police were not called to investigate the death. He found success in the '90s with fellow rapper Havoc in Mobb Deep.

Gabi Wilson began her session of the in-studio series at Sway in the Morning by doing a melody of hits from Michael Jackson, Biggie, and the Isley Brothers.

Bay Area singer Gabi Wilson continued with our in-studio performance series by performing her original song “Good Girl.” Follow the 17 year-old musician on Twitter @Gabi Wilson.