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As nobody knew her name, the local news channel organized a contest to locate it. The name of this beauty is Gerhicka Carcueva, young Filipina who participated for the first time in the festival.

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I’m not about to be a slave to his system.’ As much as no one wants to be ripped off, doesn’t it appear strange that only Que took issue with the business side of things, whereas the other four members of the group seemed to have no problem with their finances or management? I don’t know why they didn’t have a problem with it. I’m all for the illusion of hustling and doing it for fun, but I don’t like pretending.

I have a family; I like to eat; I like to go on vacation… I don’t know why they didn’t want the business in order.’ Did Diddy give him the chop?

I really like Dawn and I don’t want the media to get into that and strain it.’ With the dramas of 2009 firmly behind him, we focus on the Que of 2011.

I was like, wait a minute, I didn’t even sign an A26 contract. it just wasn’t right at all.’ Even though Que was technically fired by his former bandmates, he makes it clear that he has no issue with them.

Although his answers to our questions about Dawn are slightly evasive, we can confirm that Dawn and Que (affectionately dubbed ‘DQue’) are still very much a couple – hooray! The pressure of falling in love on TV and having to live out your relationship in the public eye hasn’t made the DQue love story any easier.

However, after falling in love on TV in front of the world’s scrutiny, both parties have decided on more of a ‘Jay-Z/Beyonce’ type of approach to their relationship from now on. ‘At first it was fun on TV and having that experience, but after a while it gets overwhelming.

Everything is good.’ Evasive as you like, there is just no hiding certain things. This is why we are not so open about our relationship anymore.

I want that to be private and I want that to be special.