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Discussions at the ICANN meeting in Toronto in October 2012 and subsequent input confirmed that community stakeholders recognize the importance of a new strategic approach and support the idea of operating under the current Strategic Plan until the new plan can be developed.

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He has written several books, and he almost never makes a mistake.But if you live long enough, you can thwart any film historian by simply limiting your fantasies to those people you were actually in a room with.But Curtis is all details in describing the yacht scene shoot, in which Sugar (Monroe) tries to seduce Curtis, who is pretending to be impotent.She lay on top of him, an event which prompts Curtis' single greatest line: "I got an erection ...

A point is made in the film of his androgynous "beauty" -- such a pretty boy that there was a feminine aspect to his sex appeal --but all his co-stars, among them Mamie van Doren, herself no slouch as a sex symbol in her time, attest vehemently to the fact that there was nothing "gay" about Tony, even when he played a female cross dressing male in "Some like it Hot" opposite Marilyn Monroe.Tony Curtis, the man who influenced Elvis Presley and James Dean, was one of the very first teen idols and one of the last real movie stars.From his difficult upbringing in the Bronx, where he was born Bernie Schwartz, to his unprecedented fame and infamous way with women, Tony Curtis - Driven to Stardom presents Mr. Interviews with Tony's family, friends and co-stars (Hugh Hefner, Harry Belafonte, Debbie Reynolds, Mamie Van Doren, Piper Laurie, Theresa Russell, Jill Curtis among others!Tony Curtis' new book, "The Making of 'Some Like It Hot,' " underscores one of the unsung advantages of longevity: If you live long enough, you can claim to have had sex with any of your contemporaries, so long as they're not around to deny it.In his previous book, the autobiography "American Prince," Curtis repeated a claim he'd made a few years earlier, that he and Marilyn Monroe had had a tender, beautiful affair - one of the great romances of his life - back when he was a young up-and-comer and she was just starting out.This film, while it is doubtless a tribute to the ambition of a ragged kid from the ghetto making his dreams come true, is no hagiography, and is a warts and all portrait of a difficult life lived in the limelight.