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have been repeatedly associated with the Gambino crime family.

Reportedly, Wu Tang partnered with the Staten Island crime syndicate to run weapons and sell drugs in their early days while they were still trying to make it big in NYC.

They make the offers you can't refuse, and the deals you can't afford not to take.

His Manhattan-based bar, the aptly-named Bachelors III, was rumored to be a haven for New York's most powerful mob families—so much so, that eventually NFL commissioner Pete Rozelle pressured Namath to sell his stake in the club (because you know, football players could club getting busted by the league and skewered by the press, Namath also reportedly backed another mob bar in the late '60s, the Pussycat Bar (yes, that was the actual name) that was heavily saturated with a mob presence.

The degree of the relationship between the two men is largely unknown, though they have known each other since the early 1970s, according to Caan.

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Allegedly, Monroe spent her last night alive with known gangster Sam Giancana, who had a long-standing relationship with the Kennedy family (more on that, later), and spent his time pressuring the blonde bombshell into keeping her relationship with the President a secret. Di Maggio, the Yankee Hall of Famer, reportedly had familial ties to the Gambino crime family, and one rumor even ties Joltin' Joe to the death of Kennedy himself, claiming Di Maggio used some of his mob ties to kill the President, whom (if you believe the reports) Joe blamed for Monroe's demise. In a moment of desperation, Perdue turned to mob boss Pail Castellano Sr, to help fight union's involvement with his workers. Ol' Blue Eyes is pretty much the poster child for celebrities involved with La Cosa Nostra.

Though the union lost its bid to represent the Perdue workers, giving Frank what he wanted, his reputation was forever tarnished as a business owner. The Hoboken, NJ native had familial ties to the mob, as his uncle Bob Garavante was heavily involved with Willie Moretti's gang.

Throughout his professional career as the Michael Jordan of Italian lounge singers, Sinatra became close buddies with nefarious gangsters like Bugsy Siegal and Lucky Luciano, along with becoming involved with nearly every major mafia family (in either a professional, or personal capacity) over the course of his lengthy career.

But the most damning bit of information might be this: Andy Mush is (literally) the Godfather to Caan's son, Scott. Leave it to Steven Seagal to not realize he'd been working with the mob for more than a decade.

So, the world's most mediocre martial artist decided not to make violent films anymore in the year 2000, due to newfound spirituality. The bad news was that his business partner, Julius Nasso, was heavily involved with the Gambino family, (unbeknownst to ol' Steven, allegedly).