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In its current form, it probably dates to approximately the late 30s or early 40s, but some aspects of it may go back further (this is a matter of some debate, as we'll see later on).There are many different traditions within Wicca, just as there are many denominations within Christianity, and it has grown considerably more diverse over time.The many individual gods and goddesses are seen by most Wiccans as being — at least to some extent — aspects of the one god and one Goddess, who are in turn aspects of one primal divinity, sometimes referred to as the Source.A phrase you will often hear used to describe this view is this one, from the occultist Dion Fortune: "all gods are one God, and all goddesses are one Goddess, and there is one Initiator." In practice, different Wiccan traditions, and different individuals, vary a lot in how much emphasis they place on individual deities versus the one God and Goddess.Not all of the traditions that now exist share all the characteristics that Wicca originally did, but the distinguishing characteristics of Wicca in its most traditional form can be summed up as follows: ..usually incorporates some form of the "Great Rite" (union of the God and Goddess), frequently symbolized in the blessing of the ritual wine by the conjoining of the athamé (ritual knife) and chalice (ritual wine cup), as seen in the WCC logo.Like we said, Wicca itself contains a lot of diversity, and not all forms of Wicca include all these elements, but most include most of them to some degree, and the more of them a given tradition, group or ritual includes, the more sense it makes to describe it as "Wiccan" rather than simply "pagan".Looking for fellow wiccans in Chicago, Dallas, Miami We have members in Michigan, Ohio, New York, or Texas?California, Arizona and Oregon, as well as Missouri, Kentucky, Illinois, Florida and even Hawaii.

Every myth, every symbol, every ritual act, holds multiple layers of meaning, many of which are not easily put into words.A second definition is "a secret religious rite believed (as in the Eleusinian or Mithraic cults) to impart enduring bliss to the initiate." The ancient Greeks in particular had various rites of this sort, the best known being the Eleusinian Mysteries.The idea here is that being exposed to a mystery in the first sense — an experiential religious revelation — would bring about change and spiritual growth in the individual, making them, in a sense, a new person. While modern Wicca is certainly not an exact duplicate of the ancient mystery religions, it does draw on some of the same methods and ideas.Paganism is a generic term for polytheistic and/or nature-revering religions, be they ancient or modern.Some people use the term neo-paganism for modern pagan religions, to distinguish them from their pre-Christian predecessors.Wiccans regard all the gods and goddesses of all the world's mythologies as legitimate manifestations of an underlying divinity, which is generally regarded as immanent— residing primarily within the natural world, not somewhere outside it.