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From her body emerge all the flowers of the fields, the trees of the forests and the grasses on the plains.All the wild things roam upon her and partake of her bounty to sustain their being.We believe that the natural world, you, me, the animals, the trees, the air, water and earth are alive and sacred.We do not draw a distinction between the creator and the created. We believe that men and women are equal but not identical, that humans are not superior to other living beings, and that it is our spiritual goal to live and to be in harmony with nature not opposed to it.Modern Wicca was launched in the 1930s with the work of Gerald B. He claimed to have inherited a fragmentary tradition of rituals, beliefs, magick and folk culture that had been persisting underground in Britain for over 500 years.Since a time when traditional folk religion was still being practiced.On these sacred days we attune ourselves to the turning of the Wheel. The Stag is the symbol of strength, and nobility, but not controlling power over the lives of others. He is the golden glowing orb that pours forth its radiant brilliance.

She is the fertility of the earth that brings forth all the youthfullness of spring.

Wicca is a modern revival of that traditional Pagan folk religion.

In its modern form it is a blend of polytheism, nature worship, folklore, witchcraft and western occultism, which come together in a structured and systematic way as a complete and viable religion.

Traditionally, Paganism has always been more about how one practices than about what one believes. We put less focus on the theological truth of our beliefs and we care less about the uniformity of our beliefs than about how we live our lives and how we related to nature. These are Samhain, Yule, Imbolc, Ostara, Beltaine, Litha, Lughnasadh and Mabon. Our Lady is represented as a strong and beautiful woman. She is agile, dexterous, crafty, witty, mysterious and sometimes cruel. They are very often personified as people with whom we can directly relate. And they are recognized, understood and honoured by Wiccans at many other levels, and by means of other symbols.

Perhaps more commonly known in popular culture as Hallowe’en, Winter Solstice, Candlemas, Spring Equinox, May Day, Midsummer, Lammas, and Autumn Equinox. She has the wisdom of ages, the beauty of divinity, and the compassion of a loving mother. We see the God symbolized in the great celestial light of the day.