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For example, they might use the words ‘international student identity’ but not the actual ISIC logo (as this would be a breach of copyright).So what they’re doing isn’t illegal, it’s just you who takes responsibility for how you use the ID cards.This one drives me insane, and it’s become extremely common among bloggers.All it takes to avoid this error is to take a second and think about what you’re trying to say.“Your” is a possessive pronoun, as in “your car” or “your blog.” “You’re” is a contraction for “you are,” as in “you’re screwing up your writing by using .” This is another common mistake.

they don’t make exact copies of official ID cards or documents. Many companies advertising fake ID on the internet only make cards that are similar to real ones.

You will probably find that companies claim to sell these cards as novelties only, and they state that the cards hold no official status nor entitle the bearer to any rights or privileges whatsoever.

They also quite rightly state that using these cards to lie about your age, identity or status for any purpose is illegal.

We know what you can do with clipart and sticky-backed plastic, but don’t bother.

It is illegal to create a forged identity document in order to claim you’re older than your real age with the intention to deceive others into, for example, selling you alcohol or cigarettes, or allowing you entry into an over-18s nightclub.