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Moore previously produced a local TV sketch-comedy show in Virginia titled The Trevor Moore Show, but it was later canceled because some people from Massachusetts and SVA Graphic Design student/actor Zach Cregger, from Arlington, Virginia. According to an IFC interview, Trevor Moore says that the group's name originated during a freestyle rapping session on a subway, when one of their friends said, "You guys are the whitest kids I know." The troupe started off as an officially sanctioned club at School of Visual Arts.

During the early years, WKUK included writer and director Jon Kovel, Oliver Lyons, Anthony Mair, and singer Tina Tiongson.

Timmy Williams also joined in late 2001 and was the only member at the time who did not attend SVA.

Finally, in 2003, as Moore approached graduation, the group separated officially from the school, and all but Moore, Brown, Cregger and Williams left the troupe.

The sketches performed on stage were based on their stage shows.

The third season, which premiered on IFC on January 27, 2009, in the 10 pm time slot, was composed of ten 30-minute episodes as well as 20- and 15-minute episodes. The fourth season premiered on June 11, 2010, on IFC, continuing with the 10/30-minute and 20/15-minute episode formats.

Production of the first season took place in New York City, during the summer of 2006.

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The tenth episode of season two was broadcast live on IFC.

He is not above killing innocent people and has even killed a baby before (though by accident). In "Demon Ouija Board," he is a disembodied booming voice who reminds Balthalthazar (possibly a deliberate misspelling of Balthazar) that the sole job of demons is to entertain.

Moore confirmed him as a recurring character in the commentary of the season one DVD. In contrast, he appears in Act 3 of "Opus Acts 1–4" as a horned humanoid who rants about people making assumptions on who he is.

The fifth season premiered on April 15, 2011, and was the final season of the show.

The format of 10 half-hour episodes remains, with each episode ending with a segment of The Civil War on Drugs, a full-length film starring Whitest Kids troupe members reimagining the American Civil War as a war on drugs.