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What do we know about the mysterious leader of the cult?He had posed similar questions just over a year earlier to similar 'experts' with regard to the standoff and eventual massacre of the Branch Davidians, under David Koresh, in Waco, Texas.Simultaneously it is also often asserted 'that everyone is susceptible to the lure of these master manipulators.'5 In the popular press and the anti-cult literature all three positions are combined in ways which manage to cover all eventualities.The question at hand is, what do we really know about who joins NRMs and why?By the end of the interview those viewing the program had probably confirmed the prejudices most Americans an Canadians harbour against 'cults'.These prejudices have been bolstered by the sheer reiteration of the pejorative observations and 116 charges favoured by the media for the last twenty years.The cunning and charismatic leaders of these groups exploit the psychological weaknesses and idealistic aspirations of their recruits, it was implied, in order to satisfy their own desires for material wealth and power.Yet, these experts acknowledged, we really did not know very much about this cult leader or his followers.

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the broad social conditions thought to set the stage for the emergence of NRMs),8 (3) the charge that cults secure and maintain their followers through 'brainwashing' or 'mind control',9 and (4) the mental health of those involved with NRMs.1" Indirectly, of course, much will be said that is relevant to a determination of these issues, but answering the question at hand is a necessary preliminary step." 117 How Do People Get Involved With New Religious Movements?

An established array of empirical information and explanatory insights, directly pertinent to the issues at hand, can be found in this literature.

But, as my own direct and indirect experience with the media, my colleagues and students confirms, the message is not getting out.

We were informed, with little in the way of direct reference to the actual beliefs ant practices of the Solar Temple, that the group was like all other 'destructive' and 'apocalyptic' cults.

In passing, one of the 'experts' made specific reference to two other new religious movements, the Unification Church of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon and John Roger's MSIA (pronounced Messiah).