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May katangiang pan-relihiyon na bunga ng musical indoctrination sa pangunguna ng grupo ng pari na Franciscan s at Agustinians.
I have dated guys from diff backgrounds eg: Europeans and Asians, though I find my culture alittle bit closer to his, I can't help noticing the difference. But sometimes his behaviour can be abit hard to adjust to.

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Things happen in this film that will absolutely cross the line for some viewers.One moment of violence in particular was an egregious step too far for me, and I’m the guy who thinks the pushes so far beyond the range of what is typically considered acceptable that I can’t help but applaud Paramount Pictures for having the audacity to release it in the first place.

However, after Relativity Media filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, the film was moved to an unknown release date.Jennifer Lawrence’s character — credited only as “Mother” — is the wife of an aging poet struggling with writer’s block (Javier Bardem, credited as “Him”).They live in an old house that she’s carefully restored, while he spends his time trying to turn out a new piece of work after a years-ago success.When an older gentlemen played by Ed Harris (he’s just “The Man”) shows up, Bardem’s character is charmed, in no small part because The Man is a huge fan, and wants to meet his favorite poet before he dies.Bardem’s character invites him to stay in their home, against Lawrence’s objections.Then The Man’s wife (Michelle Pfeiffer) and the rest of his family show up, and Lawrence is trapped in a whirlwind of chaos as her life becomes completely unglued.