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Study design issues for PTSD and CAM include: defining fidelity, clarification therapeutic dose, defining controls/placebos, and qualitative / quantitative data collection strategies.

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Due to their usage of the Latin script rather than the Cyrillic script, they were usually denoted by the Latin Ruthenia.

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The Russian Federation stretches across much of the north of the supercontinent of Eurasia.

On 15 March 1939 the Ukrainophile president of Carpatho-Ruthenia, Avhustyn Voloshyn, declared its independence as Carpatho-Ukraine.

On the same day Hungarian Army fascist regular troops, allies of Adolf Hitler, brutally invaded the region. In 1944 the Soviet Army occupied Carpatho-Ruthenia, and in 1946, annexed it to the Ukrainian SSR. In fact, Soviet and some modern Ukrainian politicians, as well as Ukrainian government claim that Rusyns are part of the Ukrainian nation.

The most numerous population of the ancient Rus' cultural descendants, the Russians, still keep the same name for their ethnicity (russkie), while the name of their state, Rus', was gradually replaced by its Greek transcription, Rossia.

However, some other Slavish languages (Polish and Ukrainian) separate the "Ruthenian" meaning from its "Russian" neighbour.