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If you are using a operating system other than mac, be forewarned that I have not tested wol there yet. Next I will focus on bringing multiplayer beyond lan to wol (gameranger on wine is useless btw).

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My sister and I were extremely creeped out by this. The Sia Elastic Heart video and the ensuing "outrage" and apologies that came out of it is a good example of this.

My husband and his brothers and sisters are like this when they're all feeling particularly happy with one another (we're all under 30, btw) and it never feels weird or creepy because of the happy mood that triggered it.

We just are able to draw comfort and love from each other.

Our family is getting together with another family for dinner and to exchange gifts. At some point, daughter and son sit on the couch together.We are very close emotionally and intellectually, but not are we not emotional people, we're not touchy-feely at all. It seems like people missed this, or else my Creepometer is way off. My son would be leaning against my daughter since he is quite a bit younger than she. My barometer: If I walk into a room and see two people acting/sitting in a manner that would make me think they're either dating, married, single and flirting or hoping to be "more than friends," then I would hope they're not brother and sister.My brother and I aren't that physically close, but my male cousins I lived with and I sort of are, and they are to their sisters. If I saw two adults (young or otherwise) sitting the way the OP described, I would think the two were some degree of an item. Doing water things, surf boards, tubes, building pyramids with skiers, cliff climbing, all kinds of touching going on with a lot of different people.His hands were rubbing up and down the sides of her (upper) arms.Sitting like the picture you showed, I would not find it creepy.:rolleyes: It's not as if they are making out or dry humping each other on the sofa, right? It's nothing that would ever have happened in my family.