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The draft Implementing Regulations cover areas such as: Corporate Governance In April 2016 Mo CI and the CMA issued a draft of proposed new Corporate Governance Regulations (“the CG Regulations”) which again have just been through a consultation phase.

The CG Regulations will apply to both Saudi listed companies and on a best practice voluntary basis to closed JSCs (favoured by many Saudi Family owned groups).

New Implementing Regulations The draft implementing regulations (“Implementing Regulations”) for the new law have also been through a consultation phase which was completed in May 2016.

The final version is expected in the next few months.

Shortly after the announcement of the Saudi Vision 2030, the Saudi Council of Ministers approved rules to implement this change in June 2016.The renamed Ministry of Commerce and Investment (“Mo CI”) and the Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority (“SAGIA”) are having to get to grips with the significant changes under the new law affecting how entities in Saudi Arabia are formed and regulated, against a background where Saudi Arabia is seeking to encourage more foreign investment in line with the National Transformation Plan 2020 and the Saudi Vision 2030, which are Saudi Arabia’s roadmap to diversify its economy and address the challenges brought by low global energy prices.As with many new pieces of legislation it may take a while for the regulators and others to understand fully the new law and for it to be fully implemented in practice.Automatic dissolution by operation of law if the directors do not convene shareholder meeting or shareholders fail to pass resolution.Managers must convene shareholder meeting within 30 days; no provision for publication of position on losses (only publication in Official Gazette of passing of shareholder resolution).Whilst it is not mandatory for a company to have constitutional documents in this format, it is likely to be easier, certainly for any companies formed after the publication of these templates, to obtain Mo CI approval using constitutional documents based on this format and they should also be considered when existing companies are considering changes to their constitutional documents.