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Although the music continued to be as stylistically varied as their last release, the album expanded on the band's prevalent themes of emptiness, drug addiction, materialism, and death, and continued to feature their trademark of dated soundbites from the 1950s.A portion of "Mexico" was featured in the seventh episode of season four of Weeds, "Yes I Can", before A City Dressed in Dynamite was released, though they are mistakenly credited as The Handsome Devils (Another band called The Handsome Devils had produced a song titled "Mexico" though this is a coincidence).Their next EP, Enlightenment's For Suckers was released on August 25, 2009.THD went on a national tour dubbed "Hating New People" in the summer of 2010 where they sold a small-print disc of unreleased singles and covers.

Now before you start making assumptions, keep reading. She was animated and engaged in what he had to say. He was tall, with [...]I know the survey is complete, but based on the comments and the large number of people who answered that they hadn't been to events I certainly hope to continue receiving ongoing comments, suggestions and (most importantly) PARTICIPATION in improving the quality of and attendance to future activities. [...]Adding one more way for you to learn about events for single adults in East Idaho.This was financed in part by a fundraising effort on project startup service Kickstarter; the band made their 00 pledge goal within a few days and ultimately raised 13 after a month.Many people chose to donate at the hundred dollar level in order to receive some highly sought-after unreleased songs, along with other accessories."Elephant Bones", the fourth track on the album, was featured as a bonus song in Guitar Hero II.Their first studio album, A City Dressed in Dynamite, was released on August 5, 2008 to scores of positive reviews, being praised as "profoundly entertaining", "bizarre in a beautiful way" and "a madcap musical frenzy as dizzying as it is dazzling"."Rob the Prez-O-Dent" was also featured as a playable track in Rock Band 2.